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Progression to Third level from Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) in Galway Community College (GCC) is a relatively easy process once the student is correctly informed with the relevant information and familiar with the CAO system.

It is the responsibility of the individual learner to familiarise themselves with the different schemes and routes that allow students progress to both QQI level 6, Institutes of Technology and University. See for relevant information and details of how points are calculated for different progression schemes regarding progression from PLC to third level applicable to both Institutes of Technology and University.

There is a full range of Career Guidance supports including workshops and individual appointments for GCC students to make the process as easy as possible, see GCC Student Supports.

All GCC students will have the opportunity to apply through the CAO facility, as mature learners (+23), relevant ACCESS programmes and to the UK using the UCAS system where applicable.

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